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Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, it s a strip of land shaped like the letter S. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea – referred to in Vietnam as the East Sea (Vietnamese: Bien Đong) – to the east.

With a population of over 89 million as of 2011, Vietnam is the 13th–most–populous country in the world, and the eighth–most–populous Asian country.

Vietnam's history is one of war, colonisation and rebellion. The Vietnamese became independent from Imperial China in AD 938, following the Battle of Bach Dang River. Successive Vietnamese royal dynasties flourished, however, it was occupied by China no fewer than four times, the Vietnamese managed to fight off the invaders just as often. Even during the periods in history when Vietnam was independent, it was mostly a tributary state to China until the Indochina Peninsula was colonized by the French in the mid–19th century.

Efforts to resist the French eventually led to their expulsion from the country in the mid–20th century, leaving Vietnam divided politically into two countries. Fighting between the two sides continued, with heavy foreign intervention, during the Vietnam War, ending with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975.

Both the Chinese occupation and French colonisation left a lasting impact on Vietnamese culture, with Confucianism forming the basis of Vietnamese social etiquette, and the French leaving a lasting imprint on Vietnamese cuisine.

Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country's wonderful natural beauty: From green rice fields dotted with the conical hats of workers in Vietnam's north stretching to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. Popular destinations include Hanoi, Saigon, and the old imperial capital of Hue, World Heritage Sites of Hoi An, and the Cham temples of My Son, the coastline such as Nha Trang, the caves of Halong Bay, Marble Mountains, and many other sites. As tourism increases in importance, new projects are invested into, such as the tourism complex in Binh Duong, with the largest artificial sea in Southeast Asia.

Things to See and Do

Ha Long Bay
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, Ha Long Bay, in northern Vietnam near the Chinese border is one of the world's natural wonders. Ha Long Bay is round a 120 kilometer long coast line and its name is translated as 'Bay of Descending Dragons'. The Bay is a beautiful area with 1969 limestone islands and islets jutting imposingly upon the skyline, and covering an area of over 1,500sqkm. It is believed that the limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. It is considered the top tourist attraction in Vietnam, the thousands of islands, are topped with thick jungle vegetation, and form a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Several of the islands are hollow, with vast caves, others islands include lakes and some support floating villages of fishermen.

Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda is a historic temple in the city of Huế in Vietnam. Its pagoda has seven stories and is the tallest in Vietnam. It is regarded as the unofficial symbol of the former imperial capital. With seven stories, the Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue is the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. The temple was built in 1601 during the rule of the Nguyễn Lords. The initial temple was very simply constructed, but over time it was redeveloped and expanded with more intricate features.

Hoi An
Hoi An, once known as Faifo, was a major international port in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the foreign influences are apparent to this day. While the serious shipping business has long since moved to Da Nang, the heart of the city is still the Old Town, which is full of winding streets, pagodas, old canals and wooden shop–houses. Remarkably, unlike elsewhere in Vietnam, Hoi An has been successful in preserving and restoring its charming roots and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in December 1999.

Cu Chi Tunnels
The Cu Chi Tunnels are an immense network of 120km of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country. The Cu Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tết Offensive in 1968. The tunnels were used by Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous guerrilla fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the Viet Cong in their resistance to American forces, through which they secured American withdrawal from Vietnam and ultimate military success.

My Son
My Son Hindu Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a great sample of the ancient Champa civilization located in the southern part of Vietnam. It is a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD by the kings of Champa (Chiem Thanh in Vietnamese). The impressive Hindu–themed ruins feature many beautiful stone sculptures, temples and towers in tropical jungle surroundings. The temples are devoted to Hindu gods and goddesses, primarily Shiva, known under various local names, the most important of which is "Bhadresvara." The My Son temple complex is regarded one of the foremost Hindu temple complexes in Southeast Asia and is the foremost heritage site of this nature in Vietnam. It is often compared with other historical temple complexes in Southeast Asia, such as Borobudur of Java in Indonesia, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Bagan of Myanmar and Ayutthaya of Thailand.

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