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Jamaica Travel Guide

The third–largest island in the Caribbean is also one of the most colourful. As a place of intense natural beauty, Jamaica is known for its balmy weather, idyllic white sand beaches and vibrant tropical blooms and misty Blue Mountains that run the length of the island. With warm sunshine and cool breezes, Jamaica is known for it's consistently beautiful weather.

For centuries, Jamaica has welcomed settlers from all around the world. This small island has played host to the Amerindians who discovered it, to Europeans who fought to own it, to Africans forced to call it home, and to Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners searching for a better life. Each group carried with it a story and tradition, throwing everything into Jamaica's melting pot. Jamaicas ancestors from Africa, Europe and Asia have helped shape the island, and make it the multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions it is today, giving it a rich history and heritage – an international variety of legends, cultures and customs, all displayed against the background of Jamaicas beautiful mountains and valleys.

Though a small nation, Jamaican culture has a strong global presence. Renowned as the birthplace of Bob Marley, reggae remains at the island's musical heart. In addition to Reggae, the musical genres ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, and, more recently, dancehall and ragga all originated in the island's vibrant, popular urban recording industry. Jamaica also played an important role in the development of punk rock, through reggae and ska. Reggae has also influenced American rap music, as they both share their roots as rhythmic, African styles of music.

Ever since the Hollywood greats cavorted in Jamaica in the 1930s and 1940s; travellers have regarded Jamaica as one of the most alluring of the Caribbean islands. Its beaches, mountains and red sunsets regularly appear in brochures. Unlike some of the other Caribbean islands, it caters for everyone from people who require a private villa to others that require a party type resort.

Places to Go

Kingston – Straddling grand history and dynamic modern culture, this capital of contrasts is Jamaica's government and commerce epicentre, the beating pulse of its politics, and the creative outlet of its people.

Montego Bay – With its "Hip Strip" booming with shops, restaurants and clubs, championship golf courses on lavish resorts, and legendary Colonial great houses – Montego Bay's juxtaposition of natural beauty and man–made luxury make it a beloved destination.

Negril A favourite destination for families, honeymooners and spring breakers, Negril's picturesque coast, lined with towering cliffs and bustling beaches, is home to many world–class all–inclusive resorts, as well as nightlife hotspots.

Ocho Rios – From the natural beauty of its waterfalls, rivers and beaches to the grandeur of its all–inclusive resorts, "Ochi" is a favourite destination for all types of travellers, including eco–tourists, families, sports buffs, beach bummers and even rock stars like Keith Richards.

Port Antonio – From its days as the "banana capital of the world" and as the best–kept secret vacation spot of Hollywood's rich and famous, Port Antonio's eclectic heritage and majestic landscapes make it the perfect destination for travellers seeking an authentic Jamaica.

South Coast – Travel to the South Coast to discover hidden treasures, like serene butterscotch beaches with some of the best seafood eateries in the world, the crocodile–filled Black River and a welcoming people who love to share their culture and traditions with visitors.


Jamaican food is a mixture of Caribbean dishes with local dishes. Although Jamaican food gets a reputation for being spicy, local trends lean towards more versatile food variety.

Some of the Caribbean dishes that you'll see in other countries around the region are rice and peas (which is cooked with coconut milk) and patties (which are called empanadas in Spanish speaking countries). The national dish is Ackee and saltfish, and must be tried by anyone visiting the island. It is made with the local fruit called Ackee, which looks like scrambled eggs, but has a unique taste of its own and dried codfish mixed with onions and tomatoes. Another local food is called bammy, which was actually invented by the Arawak (Taino) Indians. It is a flat floury cassava pancake normally eaten during breakfast hours that kind of tastes like corn bread. Try the jerk flavoured foods. The most popular is jerk chicken, although jerk pork and jerk conch are also common. The jerk seasoning is a spice that is spread on the meat on the grill like barbeque sauce. Keep in mind that most Jamaicans eat their food well done, so expect the food to be a bit drier than you are accustomed to.

There are also curries such as curried chicken and curried goat which are very popular in Jamaica. The best curried goat is made with male goats and if you see a menu with curried fish, try it. You may even want to pick up a piece of sugar cane, slice off some pieces and suck on them.


The climate in Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather, although higher inland regions are more temperate. Some regions on the south coast are relatively dry rain–shadow areas.

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